Workshifting and the future of collaborative work

Flexible collaboration is a key requirement in order to keep

pace with the rapid changes to our working Environment.


Rapid technological changes have created an environment in which it is now possible to work regardless of place or time. Online meetings, webinars and social collaboration platforms can, when used correctly and strategically, significantly improve as well as add flexibility to the internal and external communication processes. This in turn leads to an increase in productivity and employer attractiveness. The use of modern means of communication nevertheless makes organisations face the challenge of integrating them efficiently, effectively and sustainably into their workplace.


Workshifting describes a modern model the aim of which is to enable work to be carried out independently of place and time. Modern communication tools such as online meetings and webinars as well as platforms for social collaboration serve as ist technological basis. In order to achieve and retain higher productivity, higher employee satisfaction and lower costs, the associated change process in the areas of people, organisation, space and technology must be planned strategically and implemented transparently.

Solutions for flexible collaborative work

Online Meetings im Kontext Collaboration

Our offer

As a result of our longstanding experience, we support organisations at all levels of their change process within the context of Workshifting, modern working environments and online & social collaboration. In order to achieve optimal long-term results, we base our work on the colited Workshifting Survey (cWS). The cWS is a proven instrument that enables the structured and systematic investigation of your company’s potential within the context of Workshifting and modern working environments. Based on the results of the cWS survey, we advise, train and coach organisations and thereby guarantee sustainable success and a practical and timely cultural change.

Our approach

Based on our portfolio of services, we focus on developing, optimising and implementing the following five topics:

  • Establishing a framework that allows motivating and flexible cooperation.
  • Creating a modern leadership approach within a context of trust.
  • Developing and establishing communication and collaboration processes.
  • Selecting and implementing tailor-made Information and communication technologies that enable secure collaboration independently of time and place.
  • Providing digital literacy to all employees and establishing binding, customised communication rules.

Booklets, Videos and News

About colited

Founded in 2011 by Daniel Holzinger, colited supports medium and large organisations in the comprehensive and individual design of the workplace of the future. Our mission is fulfilled when the internal and external communication processes of our customers run independently of place and time while remaining collaborative, productive, transparent, effective and efficient. Thanks to our longstanding experience we make a significant contribution to our customers' competitiveness.

Plan your individual Workshifting initiative with us

We’ve already helped many European organisations to improve their internal and external collaboration processes. Our customers include companies from the following sectors: software & IT, real estate, financial services, industry, building materials, consulting, healthcare, advertising, tourism, non-profit associations and publishers.

We look forward to discussing with you whether and how you can benefit from working with us as well as telling you more about our reference Projects.

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