Most organisations are confronted with major challenges with regards to modern working environments and Workshifting.

  •  Insufficient productivity due to information overload of knowledge workers,
  • shifting values of younger employees,
  • demographic change,
  • high employee turnover,
  • new demands on managers,
  • reduction of complexity and
  • meaningful use of new means of communication

are just some of the challenges faced by our customers.

colited Workshifting Survey (cWS)

The colited Workshifting Survey (cWS) is an ideal starting point in order to ensure long-term success. Based upon the results and findings of the colited Workshifting Survey, we advise, train and coach organisations comprehensively and in a methodologically structured way. We thereby guarantee sustainable success and a practical and timely cultural change. Many organisations, from medium-sized companies to Fortune 500 corporations, have already benefited from our expertise.


The cWS is a proven practice instrument for structured and systematic investigation of the potential of an organisation within the context of the modern working Environment and Workshifting. Depending on individual requirements, the survey consists of 60 to 85 specific questions, to which specific customised questions can be added. The study is performed as an online large-scale survey of all employees and managers of a company or department – in either German or English.

Four steps to success

Initial Analysis

On the basis of the Vision and mission of the customer as well as its medium- and long-term goals and the associated risks and opportunities, a Workshifting project encompassing following four dimensions is defined: organization, people, facilities and technology. The project also sets out the scope of the survey. It is at this stage that tailored questions are also formulated and merged into the existing survey.


Test Survey

An essential component of the cWS is the test survey, which is carried out with a defined number of

selected employees. The resulting feedback will be analysed in order to increase both acceptance and response rate of the full survey.



Full survey

The full survey is conducted in its full scope as specified by the customer.



In this final phase, all feedback is analyzed, interpreted and presented graphically and clearly. The central topics are presented with recommendations to the client.


Plan your individual Workshifting initiative with us!

Thanks to our extensive expertise in international management, our daily use of innovative collaboration solutions and our

longstanding experience gathered through numerous projects we support european organisations and corporations in the area of Workshifting. We look forward to discussing with you whether and how you can benefit from working with us as

well as telling you more about our reference projects.

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