Webinars - informing interested parties and customers, conveying knowledge

In a competitive market environment, companies are faced with the challenge of informing stakeholders, such as current and prospective customers, quickly and inexpensively, or of training

employees and business partners effectively and efficiently. Due to increased requirements in combination with restricted budgets, Webinars are continuously gaining in importance.


Marketing Webinars

Create increased interest by moving your

events into virtual space. Marketing webinars are also a potent tool for drawing existing customers’ attention to new products or solutions.


Training Webinars

Internal training and continuing

education programmes can also be successfully carried out on a virtual platform. Training webinars are furthermore an ideal tool for training customers and business partners.

Our Services

  • Development of a strategy and planning of webinars
  • Virtual Storytelling
  • Moderation of webinars
  • Integration of webinars into the
  • marketing mix
  • Integration of webinars into blended learning
  • Tool selection & integration
  • Analysis of webinars